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An Artisan Gin made bathtub style in the very heart of Penzance. As some of the only female Gin makers our Gin has an uplifting tale of its own, made by three best friends and batched in Cornwall with love. Penzance Gin has a unique colour and distinctive taste. It is smooth and earthy with a hint of citrus that runs alongside this amber nectar. Leaving you with a moreish aroma and an empty bottle or two! A perfect tipple for you rain or shine. Desired by those who enjoy a gin you can sip on the rocks, with soda or a classic tonic. We like to keep things distinctive at Penzance Gin and we are delighted to have conjured up a Gin that stands out from our fellow Gin creators and brings the citrus game to the next level. Try our full amber nectar and see how you think it holds up.

Voted one of the best British Gins in the Independent 2020